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  1. Ok, I think you convinced me, its not worth the money, I was just trying to find out exactly why its not worth it ...thanks for the tip about Amazon Glacier.
  2. Ok, thanks, I know any drive can fail but isn't there a smaller chance that an enterprise drive will fail compared to a standard desktop drive? I guess there must be a difference. Or does it only make a difference when using the drive in heavy read/write server environments? I do have two internal RAID 1 drives for backup also, the external would only be as an addtional backup.
  3. This is for business backup of important files. The computer is a workstation: Asus P8B WS motherboard, Xeon E3 processor, so the the system is made as a workstation. Is it still not worth the money to use an enterprise grade HHD for external storage?
  4. Thanks for the reply. The reason I wanted to use the Ultrastar 7K4000 is because I was thinking it is more reliable and will last longer. Is that not the case? Will a standard desktop drive be sufficient? I do have two internal RAID 1 disks as backup, but I was looking for the best way to make a reliable external backup.
  5. Will an enterprise level HHD such as the HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 work as a single drive or will it only work in an array as a RAID drive? I believe it is intended for RAID but Im wondering if it will work fine as a single drive. I want to use it as an external backup drive.
  6. Thanks for for the reply. So how is this practically done since there will actually be two separate RAID configurations? Do I set this up in my computer's BIOS or Windows 7? I use Unison to make the backups. I will probably backup the HDD drives to an external hard disk also.
  7. Im new to RAID so forgive me if this is a strange question. I would like to have two SSD's configured as RAID 1 as my primary drives for Windows 7, and then two HHD's as my storage/backup drives, also in RAID 1 congifuration. So if I store a file from my primary drive(s) then its automatically saved on both backup HHD's at the same time. Is this possible or even recommended?