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    WD New screw heads : /

    it is a new design , needing a rounded head driver. there is not enough grip with a standard flat torx driver.
  2. tweeetr

    WD Red Reliability

    Poor packaging on new WD drives? it's happened to me on my last two HD purchases. ZERO protection not even a plastic inlay, no foam. no bubbles! check this post on the WD community forum. add a comment if you can.
  3. tweeetr

    WD New screw heads : /

    thanks kevin. I have a set of torx , but mine do not grip. my warranty is void. I need to repair the pcb.
  4. tweeetr

    Which to choose, advice needed please!

    longest warranty. go for one with a 5 year warranty, keep a back up your data and check the discs every month or so for errors with the official software ie datalifeguard WD.
  5. hello I have a 3tb 3003FZEX 'Black' year 2014 , the screws on the PCB are not the standard torx 9 heads These new ones are designed differently, smoothed out and with absolute minimal head to grip a driver. I am not sure which type of driver to buy if one is even available yet? WD own brand? these are more cupped than flat. a standard torx driver is flat so does not grip into this 'bowl' type of head. hope this makes sense. Does anyone have any ideas on where to buy a driver? what type? thanks : ) these do not seem to be any of these: compare to a standard screw head,here below > above^ the standard style of head, for comparison.