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  1. Brian, the Discuss Link for "HGST He8 HDDs Announced" goes to an HGST page instead of here.
  2. A pity they top out at 6.3 TB decimal. If they'd just reach 6.6 decimal, they would finally be shipping a real 6 TB drive.
  3. A store link where it's on sale would be helpful. I know which store too - it's sold at the same place that stocks Toshiba's MG04 drives. Now if I can just remember where that is ... Is anyone else getting tired of these soft launches?
  4. Agreed. And the RPM used to be listed by everyone. WD: Intellipower = 5400 RPM Seagate: if RPM unlisted = 5900 RPM Toshiba: always lists RPM. Imagine that.
  5. reader50

    Unformatted space on drives

    If the space shows as available, you can use it. The exact size available on a new drive will vary after they reserve replacement blocks, and map out any bad blocks. They probably use a standard format size (the drive's official size or bigger), which will be a little lower than actual free space.
  6. reader50

    WD New screw heads : /

    I always love those contributions that imply people lack the right to disassemble things they own. If you have a spare torx of the right size, round the end on a grinder. If you can match the curvature closely, it will work. Alternative: if you have a small needle nose, you may be able to grip the outer edge of the screw well enough to loosen.
  7. I still haven't found any of their MG04 series drives in the wild - announced in Feb. Did they mention anything about availability?
  8. reader50

    Data on unpowered/disconnected drive?

    Magnetic fade will eventually get the data. But it takes quite a while, I have some floppy disks from up to 20 years ago. The last time I tried any of them, they were developing marginal blocks, but most blocks could still be read. Even most of the marginal blocks could still be read if they were tried enough times. Hard drives are protected far better than floppies ... but they do have a lot more blocks at risk. I'd guess your data would remain intact for at least ten years.
  9. reader50

    Parents' hard drives keep dying

    The environment could be subject to vibrations or high-power EMF. Is the house close to a railroad track? Persistent vibration would be murder on a regular desktop HD. I've heard of a case where the computer crashed all the time. That user was in London, and the cause traced to the subway running under the house - the underground, for all you Brit types. The EMF currents were strong enough to crash the system even through the case. I don't know how good the case was, but moving the system upstairs largely cured the problem. Alternative EMF source: are large transmission lines anywhere near the house? Oh, and check for coffee stains on the HDs. You never know what they are doing to the hardware when you are not watching ... do they smoke?
  10. reader50

    New D2OL Stats Page for SR

    Sorry guys, I should have replied to this a long time ago. Got distracted and didn't register. Welcome to our stats engine, you are in good company with a lot of other great teams. Chew, the MHz rating is an estimation based on average weekly crunch rate. The rate is normalized to my own G4 350, and will be wrong for many processors. Processors with lower power-per-MHz (604, G3, PI/PII/P4, K5/K6) will estimate below actual MHz. New processors with higher power-per-MHz will estimate too high (G5, AthlonXP, Opteron, Athlon64). System architecture will also play a role. There is no easy way to fix this, so use it as a ballpark estimate. Future Shock, what did you mean about the page still needing cleanup around the edges? If you mean HTML, the page code has been arranged to render readably in all browsers. It's incredibly hard to make it render perfectly in all browsers, I spent many hours trying. Rather than declare a preferred browser and put up harrassing dialogs to get others to switch, we went with acceptable rendering for everyone. Probably a good thing, the preferred browser would have been my own iCab, which most people have never heard of. Anyone trying to access the stats over the past week may have found outdated data. We had a HD crash last weekend, the stats database was affected. After looking it over, I decided to do a more general cleanup of the data rather than a quick fix. There was a lot of duplicate data accumulated (momentary glitches on the project-server side usually cause this), the DB size had been driven above 9 GB. This slows processing and web access, so I reset nearly all teams (50+) to a few months back for corrected processing. It took a few days for the server to catch back up to the present, but it was well worth it - DB size fell to 7.5 GB. If data repairs are in progress, you can spot it by checking the time reference for that page. Check the bottom of the colored QuickStats bar, it gives the origin time "time ref" for the data presented. If the time reference gets "stuck" for a few days, please email us or post in our forum. The stats engine can repair most types of data problems on it's own, but some things require manual attention - such as D2OL making changes to their page HTML. While I didn't get back here right away, we did get a matching thread up for you guys. Feel free to drop in and give us a bad time ... er, say hello. We've found that reasonable cross-team taunting has a nice effect on member activity and production. BTW, congratulations on your recent production, you're really moving along there. reader50 stats guy Team MacNN