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  1. I updated my pw, so the thieves cannot log in and reduce the average quality of my postings. Those viagra posts would really cut into my rep. However, I had to change my pw over HTTP. SR has an HTTPS cert, but it's only valid for the news side. And using it with a forum address loads the news side anyway. Perhaps the SR cert(s) could be updated, so the forums will load securely?
  2. reader50

    New BackBlaze Stats

    For anyone interested, BackBlaze has posted new HD stats. Their HD Summary for 2018. Highlights: • They've deployed 1,205 Toshiba 14TB drives. Annualized failure rate projected at 3%, normal for initial burn-in. They've been in service one quarter, with actual failure rate of 0.75% so far. Annual figure expected to decline going forward. Depending on how good a price they got per drive, they may have paid over $500K for the set. • They've deployed a heck of a lot of Seagate 12TB drives. 31,146 with annual failure rate projected at 1.39%. Once again, they've been in service less than a year on average. So this is probably mostly burn-in losses. Probably spent at least $10M buying them all. • No mention of the new Toshiba 16TB drives. Which I have not seen for sale anywhere. • HGST has the best reliability again by small margins. Seagate's figures continue to improve with later models. WD is dropping off the chart as older models are retired - BB is not adding any new WDs.
  3. It's been a week. Does it look like we're out of the woods?
  4. I did not get this email, or any other from SR in the last 48 hours. Checked my trash & spam folders to be sure. My email addy with the board is valid. Perhaps SR interrupted outgoing mails before it got to mine. Advice from an admin on an unrelated board: they want to download the user table. Preferably via SQL access, makes it easier and faster. They want the hashed passwords, salts, and email addresses. Over time they can crack the hashes, making the dump much more valuable than emails alone. They may also be interested in the private message table, in case any users exchanged email addresses. Hope everyone uses unique random passes on every site. That's the way to go. Once SR is sure they're clean, I'll update mine.
  5. Thinking about this, it puts pressure on Seagate to intro HAMR at 20TB. That, or release 16TB HAMR below Toshiba's price. Toshiba not only scooped Seagate on size, they got to market faster. Seagate will have to give consumers a reason to switch.
  6. I did not expect this. Figured 16TB would require HAMR or MAMR. With it still at 9 platters, I wonder how they squeezed in the extra density. Without going to the dark side (SMR).
  7. I like that Toshiba (and HGST) routinely make 7200 RPM drives. While WD and Seagate push out 5400/5900 - then try to conceal it by withholding the RPM spec. I've had to adopt the rule that if it doesn't say "7200" on the drive (or box), it's a slower drive. Marketing shouldn't be in charge of printed specifications.
  8. reader50

    Seagate Achieves 16TB HAMR HDD

    Using the chart from the roadmap and their achieved "2 Tbpsi areal density" suggests the 16TB is using 8 platters. They're probably aiming for 20TB using 8 platters also. 9-platter drives must be packed solid inside, so using 8 makes more sense. Leaves space for the extra laser components of each head. Corollary: the flagship drive size will probably use 8 platters for the foreseeable future. As this will push mid-sized drives (currently 8-10 TB) back down to 3-4 platters, it will lead to lower prices for mid-sized drives. So we can finally return to annual drops in price-per-gig. Not as good as I'd hoped for on density increases yet, but most definitely good news.
  9. reader50

    Seagate Achieves 16TB HAMR HDD

    What platter count are they using? If they're doing 16TB with 8-9 platters, then HAMR is not improving density much. If they're doing 16TB with 5 platters, that would be very good.
  10. reader50

    Toshiba L200

    Running good so far. During the drive swap, I discovered my notebook can apparently take a 12.5mm drive. But as all 3TB+ notebook drives are 15mm, this still does not make an upgrade possible. I thought someone had a 3TB out in 12.5mm, but apparently I misremembered. So back to the waiting game. Will SSD prices drop, or will someone intro a 3TB or 4TB drive first?
  11. reader50

    Toshiba L200

    Defragging worked fine on the other partitions too. I defragged a partition on the old WD drive for comparison. The Toshiba was about 50% faster, which agrees with their sequential speeds. However, when the defrag finished up, it rebuilt/compacted the Catalog file, Attributes file, etc. On those files, it ran dramatically slower on the Toshiba L200. The disk activity graph showed a sawtooth pattern which might be typical of an SMR drive. I've avoided SMR, so I don't have a known one for comparison. First boot test: no abnormal delays. Quieter than the old drive.
  12. reader50

    Toshiba L200

    Cloning completed. Speeds ran up to 140 MB/s, usually less as it was mostly copying from an older drive. Toshiba HDWL120 (revision JT000A) I've just defragged a bootable partition. Write speed was 10-30 MB/s most of the time, with occasional brief spikes. Both below and above that range. This is the speeds I expect when defragging a 2.5" PMR drive. Proceeding with defragging other partitions. Edit: it was a defrag+optimize. All files on the volume get moved, often twice.
  13. reader50

    Toshiba L200

    I'm in the process of cloning partitions from my old drive to the new L200. I'll watch for SMR clues, but this may take awhile. The old drive was indeed failing. Disk Utility still thinks the SMART status is ok, but I'm getting I/O errors during cloning.
  14. reader50

    Toshiba L200

    My 2TB L200 has not yet arrived, so I haven't been able to comment. It will be installed in my Macbook Pro, so I'll watch for your thermal pauses. The notebook already has a 2TB Samsung M9T (replacing the optical drive) for the last few years. I have not observed any pauses there, or any other odd behavior. It's a 3-platter, and I think I benched it once at around 62 MB/s sustained write. So about half the speed of an L200.
  15. I've never dismissed it, that may be the problem. I suggest a more minimal edit: could you set it to appear only when the cursor leaves the page? So it does not appear when mousing around story links, and getting familiar with SR's content.