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  1. Thanks Kdawgca, You're right. I'll need to get a newer card if I want to use those 3TB drives. Much appreciated
  2. Hi all, I have replaced a motherboard, and moved a set of 4 x 3TB drives onto a 3Ware 9550sx 8LP as the replacement motherboard has only 2 sata ports. The server is running freeNAS on free BSD. The ZFS set was created via the freenas GUI which partitions a 2GB swap then remainder partition is used to create the ZFS vdev. It should therefore be ~3TB but is showing only as 801.6GB. The 9550 has all ports in JBOD mode. At first I wondered if there was something weird going on with interpreting the 4k sector size incorrectly, but the size is out by a fact of ~3.75 not a factor of 8 so I think that's unlikely. There are other disks on the controller (2TB & less) that show up correctly. Can anyone explain what is going on? Better yet what I can do about it?