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  1. I talked to them and the USB 3.0 throughput is only 200MB/sec. on this model and the eSATA is only 3G not 6G. There are some Thunderbolt solutions out there but I don't know of any Thunderbolt pci-e cards that will run in a Win 2008/2012 server.
  2. Hi All, I need a recommendation on a 6~8 port DAS w/ RAID0 built in and a write throughput >425MB/sec. I plan on using 6~8 1TB 840 evo's for the RAID 0. I need to copy 3TB of data as quickly as possible to the DAS from the server that it is attached to, turn it off without corrupting the RAID 0 or data, detach it from that server, sneaker net it over to another server and attach it, turn it on with the data intact and be able to access it from the second server. Any suggestions? I have looked at several DAS options that use pcie RAID cards in the servers, but as soon as you disconnect, attach, power down the array, it corrupts it or it goes into a degraded state and the server has to be rebooted to fix which I don't want to have to do (if possible). Thanks in advance, Dr_DX