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    EMC VNX upgrade options

    Hi, A friend has asked for some informal advice about upgrading a data archive system based around an EMC VNX 5100. It is configured with an external drive enclosure filled with 3 TB SATA drives, so it's not a performance oriented system - more bulk entry-level online storage. What are the upgrade options? My understanding is that I can just add another DAE configured with drives. Another shelf of 3 TB drives would be OK, but given data growth expectations, I was wondering whether 4 TB drives are available or suitable. The plan would be to add 8 drives (in RAID6 + spare) initially, and then as demands increase fill the shelf with another 7 drives in RAID6. In the more distant future, it is possible that the 5100 might need upgrading, are the V3 DAEs/drives compatible with the 5200 series?