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  1. Thanks - not really worried about the health - just the head slamming noise some of the Seagates make. I know on the 3TB models there were some firmware updates that reduced it but it still occurs after the update.
  2. Hello, I'm debating about getting the HGST drives or the Seagate drives as the Seagates are cheaper and rated as faster. I had Seagate 6TB drives and then got the 8TB HGST. One thing I liked about the HGSTs is I don't hear the CLICKING sound like the heads are slamming into the disk periodically. I don't know if that was a glitch with the 6TB models or a bad batch or a Seagate commonality. Anyone have a 12TB Seagate enterprise or barracuda? I don't know if the slower NAS models would be a valid comparison.
  3. Thanks - do you notice a sudden loud clicking sound on occassion - not as in a bad hard drive but as if the drive heads were suddenly being repelled or dropped on the platters every 10 minutes or so. It doesn't matter if the system is idle or in use you'll get something kind of like this video sound although it sounds very slight due to all the fan noise in this system. I guess it would sound like a ball bearing rolling along a roulet wheel that had no dividers and then dropping to the center if the center were metal.
  4. Any chance we'll see any performance reviews on the newer 12TB enterprise drives from HGST and Seagate? I'd love to know how they compare to my 8TB enterprise drives for performance. I'd also love to know how they compare noise wise as well.
  5. Storage Spaces vs unRAID

    I modified a cosmos II to make it a raid storage / PC. I was able to get 15 drives in it. (I could possibly get about 2 more but I'm concerned about cooling to those top 2 bays). My current system has 100TB at RAID5. I'm building a new one which will be 150TB at RAID5 using 12TB drives. It is reasonably quite but I put in about 11 noctua fans to keep it cool and quiet. It's been up for about 1.5 years and I think it is great but it isn't well designed for shipping. I think if I shipped it, I'd probably have to check the cables to make sure they are tight as I'm not using a backplane - just sata spider cables going to my controller. I put in a good controller in my current system and I'm able to max out my 10gbit nic going to it. I'm putting in a better raid controller on my next system and I'm hoping to be able to max out a dual 10gbit nic connection to it.
  6. Hopefully they'll send you some for performance testing and you can compare them against each other as short of SSD, I'm looking for the fastest and quietest 12TB drives possible.
  7. Thanks - good to know.
  8. Hello, If I'm looking at a hard drive of the same capacity, same model line from the same manufacturer and they offer it in both SATA and SAS, will it matter for copying files? I heard SAS is better if you have multiple users searching or copying more than one thing - I don't know if that is still true. In my case these are spindle drives, they'll be connected to a high end LSI raid controller with plenty of cache. While I occasionally search for things that aren't indexed in windows, my most intensive operation is creating large files and copying large files between servers - just one user.
  9. 12TB performance reviews?

    Awesome - I don't know the ironwolf but I'll look it up! I'm most concerned about speed for copying and quietness. I just looked them up - they say NAS which make me think these may not be as swift as enterprise drives.
  10. 12TB performance reviews?

    Thanks - it is something to start with at least. I couldn't find the sound levels in that article. I'm trying compare performance with actual benchmarks because the up 250... type things from the vendor don't mean much to me. I currently have 15 x HGST HUH728080AL drives and I need to build a larger system SOON. It is hard to do an apples to apples comparison as they often give ratings connected to a raid controller as in this article which should have similar performance as my drives but impossible to compare to a single drive.
  11. 12TB performance reviews?

    If anyone has seen any performance reviews on these I'd love to see some reviews on how they compare with others. There are plenty of generic press releases but I haven't found any actual benchmark testing from a third party.
  12. Hello, I think it may be staring me in the face but I'm not seeing it. If I had 16 fast ssds connected to the 8160ZQ, is my maximum throughput 12Gb/s total or is it the max bandwidth of the slot 63Gb/s or does the card have a max Gb/s on a pcie 8x 3.0 slot? Basically I have 2 computers and I'd like to connect them with dual 10gb/s cards and would like to know what my max throughput theoretically would be between the 2. I've saturated the single 10gb/s Ethernet easily but I don't know if it will be able to achieve 20gb/s.
  13. I was curious if anyone had any accurate information on HGST or Seagate drives 12TB models actually being available for consumer purchase. I realize big companies usually get the first batch. I'm hoping to build a new RAID in the next couple of months and would prefer to use 12TB drives. I might be able to get by with 10TB drives but either way I'd be best off waiting for the 12TB drives to hit the resellers.
  14. Hello, They've had it on their site for a few months now but I don't see a release date - anyone know?
  15. If this is reasonable in price ($1000) I'd love to build my next raid with one of these. It doesn't look like Adaptec will have anything new soon and I prefer LSI anyways.
  16. I've seen HGST mentions how much cooler and quieter their HE8 and He10 drives are but I have no comparison articles from legit sources backing that up. Anyone read anything on this? I'm debating between the HE10 and the Barracuda Pro. I'd like the quieter and the cooler but if they are the same I'll go by price.
  17. Hello, I image a lot of computers. It would be very handy for me to have a USB device I could put nvme drives in. I realize usb won't give me their full speed - I just need them for imaging. Anyone know of one or of any that are coming out? It doesn't matter to me if they are usb 3.0 or type c. Thanks.
  18. USB NVME SSD storage?

    I'm frequently imaging from my laptop when I'm at a client. My laptop has a thunderbolt 3 connector on it if you think you can find a thunderbolt adapter to PCIe 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.1 (1 notch- not the older 2 notch connector)
  19. Hello, I store large amounts of data and was just curious if there were any good projections on how far away we are from seeing 8TB SSDs in the same cost per GB as spindle drives. I realize there is no way to see the future but there might be some good educated projections from people in the industry. I realize they do now make 8, 16 and 60 TB enterprise SSDs that cost as much as a car. I'd love to replace my current 100TB array (16x8TB RAID 5) with a much quieter SSD array within the next 4 years.
  20. AUGGH - you're killing me:) I need to win a powerball lottery or something! And yes, if I did win some big lottery thingy I would blow probably $200,000 on computer equipment. Oh and a house in which to put it!
  21. Thanks for the reply! My dream is to have my 100TB movie collection on a drive the size of a stick of gum That being said I'd love to replace my 16 3.5" spindle drives with 16 2.5" ssd satas. Do they make 2.5" SSD sas drives?
  22. Thanks for anyone interested HE10 - .50 Watts/TB and the Barracuda Pro .68 Watts/TB. I found this on noise although it doesn't list the hgst 10
  23. Hello, I'd like something reasonably small like a QNAP TVS-471. I was thinking of putting 4 FAST spindle drives like the Seagate 5TB enterprise models in a RAID 5 config, 10gbit and SSD cache. I need to back up about 12TB of data. When I copy from one server to the next I get excellent speed but both have LSI raid controllers with 1GB of cache. I have no idea how good the raid controllers in the QNAPs are but that seems to be at least as important of the drives. I average about 70% utilization when copying between servers each with a 10gbit connection. I may not achieve that speed with the QNAP so I'm curious if anyone has tried it or something else that is going to copy super fast - LARGE amounts of data. The bulk of the data are virtual machines - average of 500GB each. I can't justify backing up to SSDs as that would be TOO expensive so I need a reasonable solution with great speed but small enough to be easily portable.
  24. Hello, I know the difference between the SAS and Sata models but not the 20 varieties of these 2 models. I see a number of venders who carry more than one HE8 SATA and more than one HE8 SAS at VERY different prices between the SAS and SAS drives and SATA and SATA. I could understand a difference between a SAS and SATA drives but not within the same category from the same vendor unless there was a difference. On the web site they all APPEAR to have the same specs.
  25. 512e or 4Kn Format

    I'm in a similar boat. One, I found this link to let me know which are which. I'm not sure if the LSI 9361 has any impact on 4Kn. I haven't seen that much evidence that 4K is all that and a bag o' chips so I'm not sure how much it benefits me vs. the increased price of nearly $100 per drive.