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    Adaptec 81605ZQ vs LSI 9260

    Interesting, I did not find this one yet! Indeed, the LSI seems faster but I am worried about this one > Though, it might be amateur reviews, and desktop grade hardware. Still makes me worried. It does indeed seem the perfect choice, but the downside is pretty expensive since you have 81605zq for the same price(when using cachevault & cachecade), and I doubt that the 16i / 12i will be in the same price-range, but above all I'm worried how long it will take before they'll start to test it. Durability might be a issue too, since young products tend to have problems
  2. any notes about the reliability? Does anyone know if this card can use cachecade? What does SGL mean, I heard that more often, does it mean single perhaps??
  3. I am still doubting about the one that I want to buy: I was thinking about this one: 81605ZQ but 8885Q is also interesting. Technically I have space for 8 disks, so more than that is not needed. But the possibilities is eating on me The 8805 offers expansion that means when I need more space I can get a expander and add more disks, this is rather interesting. But the 81605ZQ offers more slots. I want to get one that I can reuse in the future. Do you have any suggestions? Can I use a sas slot of 81605ZQ(internal) connected to a sas expender?