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  1. RT @Sharat_Chander: The Tribe has arrived! #tomitribe. #JavaOne https://t.co/khnzbyRsRY

  2. RT @tomitribe: Msg broker hacking? @exabrial at @JavaOneConf @Hackergarten, "ActiveMQ Artemis w/ @ApacheTomEE", Tue 9/20 at 11am. https://t…

  3. Apple continues the War On Ports™ with new improved Dongle Driven Development™

  4. Sigh, the internet would be a lot better without as much JavaScript. Why is AngularJS required to publish a blog post

  5. RT @tomitribe: #partyone2016 FUN ✨ during @JavaOneConf by @BainCapVC, @hazelcast, @zeroturnaround & @tomitribe! Get your invite! https://t.…

  6. RT @dblevins: The fastest way to grow your career is to avoid blame and take ownership over your own ignorance.

  7. Companies Can’t Legally Void the Warranty for Jailbreaking or Rooting Your Phone https://t.co/Di1KzUbnXt

  8. @stopbadware you are reporting my church's site as containing a link to a bad website. For the life of me, I cannot find it! what do?

  9. Playing with high voltage again tonight... Tubes are so fun!

  10. RT @dblevins: Huge congrats to @dvlc_ on delivering the first ever @ApacheTomEE talk in Brazil! http://t.co/q9M78wpw2G You rock // #TDC2014

  11. Anyone know anything about SSD alignment on RAID0? I'd gladly pay someone to figure this out! http://t.co/l1SgE0hICy

  12. Modern Java Development... Nice! http://t.co/FLjZsiSyPN

  13. Anyone in Kansas City want to come work for me? https://t.co/tqAe2rwvYF

  14. Can you post your exact alignment offsets for the Samsung 840pros? I'm trying to find information to the 512gb version, but I'm hoping they'd be the same.
  15. Dear @joyent... if I could log into my account... you know... that'd be great.