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  1. The USA really needs to cut ties with Turkey. Enough is enough

  2. I'm dying.... LOL https://t.co/8RW965URgs

  3. Well this is cool! MySQL InnoDB Cluster GA https://t.co/nsK2dqR1tP

  4. What annoys me most about SnapChat is they've fooled an entire generation into thinking what they send through the app isn't permanent

  5. RT @blckriflecoffee: What will you do for coffee? Will Pirate for Coffee. #TGIF https://t.co/M7kHnydssX

  6. RT @edburns: Taxitarian - noun: a person who refuses to use Uber out of sympathy for the plight of endangered taxi cab drivers

  7. @verizon https://t.co/WQQLwh8G8t Glad to see a happy ending @verizon

  8. @sprint Please don't follow @verizon lead. What a bunch of crooks: https://t.co/v7vd1rOkZw

  9. @blckriflecoffee mine only measures lbs, #amidoingitright

  10. @blckriflecoffee What upper is that? looks lightweight

  11. Only @Microsoft @Azure would tell me my "password is too long". Serious #securityfail

  12. @blckriflecoffee Just got my first order. I'm wide awake and ready to kick the world in the face. Can you guys come out with a sampler pack?

  13. Ah, Kansas.... Enjoying a beautiful 70deg day today. Prepping for the incoming snowstorm this weekend and frigid temperatures.

  14. Hello, my name is Jonathan. I like beer, guns, bacon, Jesus, and all of the Constitutional Amendments.

  15. “The idea that farmers are out there ‘drenching’ their corn in glyphosate is one of the greatest…” — @welovegv https://t.co/iW0zS6QVld

  16. @__songgao__ @KeybaseIO I can't seem to find the rmdir command in keybase?

  17. RT @DefDist: 28(j) Letter Filed in 3D-Printed Gun Case, Citing Washington v. Trump https://t.co/s2ZHJiALd1 via @joshmblackman

  18. @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse Can we do something about Patent trolls? They're stifling innovation in our country: https://t.co/Ovg8ubSinX

  19. Dear @Fedex I'm shipping all my stuff via you guys now. https://t.co/DBL5Dr4ZAy

  20. @sprintcare @idrinksport No one at Sprint seems to be aware the Google-Sprint integration is being discontinued: https://t.co/hAS0PZvRaD

  21. @tcelectronic should the spark mini booster be ran with an isolated Supply? Or does it have internal power isolation thank you

  22. @ResidentAudio What versions OSX and Thunderbolt work with the T2? Are drivers still being developer/updated?

  23. Here's one phone I won't buy and nobody else should. Absolutely stupid. Include a damned headphone jack: @htc https://t.co/ISUDwh9pIn

  24. @sprint Hey guys, this is a little oxymoronic... emphasis on the moronic. I should be able to use whatever characte… https://t.co/1PGwROT5S0

  25. Merry Christmas Everyone!