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  1. RT @blckriflecoffee: Just like in 1773.

  2. Damn, it appears @visualvm "profile only classes" is busted. That sucks, that was a really useful tool!

  3. RT @AndyGeeDe: Ever wondered what @tomitribe does on top of all the awesome #opensource work and in addition to @ApacheTomEE and @MicroProf…

  4. @Google @YouTube How come a channel with 1.2M subs that makes science content can't get ahold of you to discuss abusive video flagging?

  5. @Uber I feel really bad and Uber support said they won't fix it

  6. @vladopavlov @svetlin_zarev @ApacheTomEE thanks!

  7. RT @PhilosophyMttrs: Having goals is important https://t.co/rNEJOjo2ay

  8. RT @dblevins: Awesome week crushing some performance with a fantastic team! True TomEE heroes #JavaEE https://t.co/LjhR5pMjls

  9. @java I hate to be a naysayer, but I DO NOT want "var blah = new LinkedList" in Java. I fail to see any ben… https://t.co/BnoNZBPgNe

  10. RT @Java_EE: Opening Up Java EE: Panel Discussion with Oracle, IBM, Red Hat, and the Eclipse Foundation https://t.co/mhzKN4Wrg0

  11. @amazon You guys need to be in Kansas City! Low cost of living, low taxes, and plenty of cheap real estate! https://t.co/ti2A31ZLgx

  12. I wonder what this does: "ssh https://t.co/32FtJzqE9w" ...

  13. RT @mreinhold: Moving Java Forward Faster: https://t.co/ZDUWO9SV36 #openjdk #java #javatrain

  14. @XaeroDegreaz Here this may come in handy: https://t.co/xXzBwlbEZe

  15. FALL severe weather season is HERE!! https://t.co/TeHvkQ8aqB

  16. I enjoy being who I am, but I like to learn about those that are different. It's a shame it's now a social crime to acknowledge differences

  17. @SenateDems Please #RepealACA We can work together for a better alternative. I literally can't buy insurance next y… https://t.co/f1ib0pWsWH

  18. @UPS Hey, I had a package marked for delivery today... You did NOT attempt to deliver it, I've been home. Why would a driver do that?

  19. #Obamacare is a failure. The last insurer in my state pulled out today. @realDonaldTrump is correct, an immediate r… https://t.co/Fvfik7qCSR

  20. When will PC manufacturers realize the only thing holding them back from taking over Apple is to dump Windows and invest in Unix?

  21. It's time we admit together, ACA [Obamacare] is a failure. I'm not finger pointing; we can do better if we find com… https://t.co/wqvo9Sekwj

  22. #ObamaCare you won't even be able to buy health insurance as an individual in two states next year! https://t.co/hHiV3FtFbb

  23. RT @tomitribe: Is Jigsaw Dead? Not quite. https://t.co/Sv2gMlxsLz

  24. @lcamtuf just saw AFL hit Hacker News. Nice tool! I may put this to use

  25. @POTUS Can we reign in the BATF next? Specifically, laws are SBRs and Silencers should be addressed. Thank you MAGA!