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  1. MongoDB is still a terrible choice: https://t.co/sFdjKD1I62

  2. RT @TornadoTitans: As the model world turns: Look at those rainfall totals the Euro decided to spit out from the morning run through next w…

  3. RT @o_featherstone: If the #centercore comes back I'll buy a beer for everyone that retweets this. #FalconHeavy

  4. In the defense of the Patriots, if someone told me that Tide would out-do Bud Light in super bowl commercials I wou… https://t.co/i1q1Lwy3eQ

  5. RT @thjanssen123: CDI Qualifiers https://t.co/OA1bI4qIYG

  6. It's with a bittersweet heart that I'm announcing today is my last day with @tomitribe . It's been an awesome ride… https://t.co/swA3xmrk3E

  7. Dear @facebook, it has been about 2 months since I can post a video or GIF reply to a thread in a closed group. I'd… https://t.co/h1Pot1YEyp

  8. This is awesome! https://t.co/OIufmefyYI

  9. @johnsheehan This is why we can't have nice things

  10. RT @OmniFaces: OmniFaces 3.0 has been released for JSF 2.3 users! https://t.co/LFGI1lQUMS

  11. If I saw "blockchain" will everyone send me money? https://t.co/yWb8PmTXbW

  12. What on earth is going on... https://t.co/J1wyW2ajJQ

  13. @eBay when I try to unsubscribe from an email called "Is [insert strange thing] still of interest to you?" I get a… https://t.co/lCA8qG45Jq

  14. Dear all big companies: in 2018, please stop texting codes to people's cell phones. Text messaging is not secure. Y… https://t.co/cyfm8tzJGF

  15. RT @johncardillo: BOOM! Between @ATT and @Boeing that's nearly $1.5 billion in economic stimilation w/in hours of the #TaxBill passing.…

  16. If @SamsungMobile drops the headphone jack, there's no reason to own an Android anymore. Apple finally caught up, a… https://t.co/ULZMM6GjgV

  17. RT @_youhadonejob1: Damn its good. https://t.co/ZkxrtlaR4M

  18. @NatWest_Help Hey guys, if a person that's an expert in computer security says your website is insecure, I wouldn't… https://t.co/DFiExcD2q1

  19. @johnsheehan Thanks boss! I love requestb.in, great tool

  20. https://t.co/8hbK0WUI3t

  21. RT @severeweatherEU: Spectacular video of San Remo #waterspout today. WOW! Video by Jenna-Jefferson-Thillier. @ReedTimmerAccu @spann @SeanS…

  22. Ah Kansas https://t.co/BETwrZ2nX6

  23. https://t.co/MAnv5eVKld #SupportDongleAuth @Amazon

  24. RT @thjanssen123: Why @bozhobg still prefers eclipse over Intellij https://t.co/D7bkN3RgEQ

  25. @googlefiber Thank you for giving my cat a warm place to sit during the winter