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  1. FALL severe weather season is HERE!! https://t.co/TeHvkQ8aqB

  2. I enjoy being who I am, but I like to learn about those that are different. It's a shame it's now a social crime to acknowledge differences

  3. @SenateDems Please #RepealACA We can work together for a better alternative. I literally can't buy insurance next y… https://t.co/f1ib0pWsWH

  4. @UPS Hey, I had a package marked for delivery today... You did NOT attempt to deliver it, I've been home. Why would a driver do that?

  5. #Obamacare is a failure. The last insurer in my state pulled out today. @realDonaldTrump is correct, an immediate r… https://t.co/Fvfik7qCSR

  6. When will PC manufacturers realize the only thing holding them back from taking over Apple is to dump Windows and invest in Unix?

  7. It's time we admit together, ACA [Obamacare] is a failure. I'm not finger pointing; we can do better if we find com… https://t.co/wqvo9Sekwj

  8. #ObamaCare you won't even be able to buy health insurance as an individual in two states next year! https://t.co/hHiV3FtFbb

  9. RT @tomitribe: Is Jigsaw Dead? Not quite. https://t.co/Sv2gMlxsLz

  10. @lcamtuf just saw AFL hit Hacker News. Nice tool! I may put this to use

  11. @POTUS Can we reign in the BATF next? Specifically, laws are SBRs and Silencers should be addressed. Thank you MAGA!

  12. The USA really needs to cut ties with Turkey. Enough is enough

  13. I'm dying.... LOL https://t.co/8RW965URgs

  14. Well this is cool! MySQL InnoDB Cluster GA https://t.co/nsK2dqR1tP

  15. What annoys me most about SnapChat is they've fooled an entire generation into thinking what they send through the app isn't permanent