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  1. @sprintcare what is the email address for employee accounts? I no longer have service with you guys, and you sent m… https://t.co/GfFxnfU4bH

  2. I miss the pre-Russiaphobia days where we didn't have to think about nuclear obliteration...

  3. @blckriflecoffee @TraegerGrills Irish Whiskey? Hello Bushmills...

  4. RT @java: Creating Your First #Blockchain with #Java - Create a simple wallet and send signed transactions https://t.co/zx5fsErhLI https:…

  5. Use my referral link to sign up for Manna, the UBI of cryptocurrencies: https://t.co/vAVhK9Kwom

  6. Verifying myself: I am exabrial on https://t.co/ySstalQxEG. t0scZ6TroUte068ORgu6cA1CIcUusMYOcT2n / https://t.co/r583OunZZT

  7. Dear @Uber_Support I didn't create an account https://t.co/KbH55knh7h

  8. RT @weMessageApp: Version 1.2 has been released! It adds FULL SMS and MMS support, Contact Sync for phone contacts, a Contact List Screen,…

  9. @googlefiber Dear Google, I would LOVE to pay my bill!!! app has been busted for two weeks, mobile site freezes up,… https://t.co/Ik7FpBQdLY

  10. MongoDB is still a terrible choice: https://t.co/sFdjKD1I62

  11. RT @TornadoTitans: As the model world turns: Look at those rainfall totals the Euro decided to spit out from the morning run through next w…

  12. RT @o_featherstone: If the #centercore comes back I'll buy a beer for everyone that retweets this. #FalconHeavy

  13. In the defense of the Patriots, if someone told me that Tide would out-do Bud Light in super bowl commercials I wou… https://t.co/i1q1Lwy3eQ

  14. RT @thjanssen123: CDI Qualifiers https://t.co/OA1bI4qIYG

  15. It's with a bittersweet heart that I'm announcing today is my last day with @tomitribe . It's been an awesome ride… https://t.co/swA3xmrk3E