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    Soory if this should be placed elsewhere. Question about test methods, perhaps there is something wriiten about tests performed. My question deals with safe amount of free disk space. Perhaps my imagination, but it seems if my free space drops below 30 gigs i start having issues. Running osx snow leopard, on 8 yr old machine, abt a 4 yr old hard drive, 750 g I wonder if disk reliabilty drops, for example as drive uses more of inner or outer sectors Specifically, something is now happening where there is a lot of disk activity, in some cases filling disk such as filling a log, a restart clears abt 25 gigs. Today i'll clear about 15 more gigs. Smart status shows veified, hw diagnostics pass, even with extended test (And I know, time for a new machine, waited 2 years too long, but hopefully well backed up) Just seems I have experienced this in past In testing hard drives , do the tests do heavy continuous seeking?