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    USB 2 vs USB 3 on Synology

    Backup from the Synology to the external drive.
  2. Now, I am deciding on Synology DS213j or DS213air. This question also relate to my decision of getting which Synology's model. Does the USB 3 on DS213air really make a difference when compare to USB 2 on DS213j ? Thank you.
  3. Then I shall go for Synology. Thank you.
  4. I am in Canada and the price is about 10% more when compare to the US retail. I am expecting to pay no more than US $250 just for the NAS diskless. WD Red 5900RPM drives will be used for this NAS.
  5. Hello: I am deciding between Qnap TS-212P or Sysnology DS213j for my home use. One very specific usage that I need my NAS to be performed well: I have a couple of web sites require daily data backup, one of the web site is a photo sharing web sites. I am just starting it, so I don't expect a heavy traffic. Which brand has a better functionality for web site data backup? Thank you.