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    Migration nightmare!

    It shows up, but it is greyed out. It also shows up in disk management. I bought the software from the Acronis store, is that important?
  2. mattf789

    Migration nightmare!

    Thanks Brian, but the software won't let me choose the SSD as the target HDD. Do you know why that might be?
  3. Hi all. I've been trying to migrate a friend's Windows 7 HDD to a new SSD. I gather the best way to do this is to put the SSD in the laptop HDD bay, and connect the old HDD by USB. Then boot from the USB HDD and migrate with Acronis software. My problem is that the laptop won't boot from the USB connected HDD. It either BSODs or hangs on the loading screen and goes to an error screen saying something about 'check cable' (I didn't write the message down, sorry). The cable is a USB2.0 to IDE SATA, purchased from EBAY. I would link to it but I can't seem to paste in to this window. So my question is: Am I doing something wrong, or is a dodgy cable? TIA, Matt