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  1. Well I have 2 ideas about this one is to fix having a battery Put either 2 RAID 0 SSD as storage and write new data off the RAM after shutdown and a battery with enough capacity and output to run the 2 SSD's and RAM until all the new data has been written to the SSD's. And during start up you boot off the SSD's then after boot up and everything is loaded you start writing to the RAM then after that has finished you halt read/writes and switch over to the RAM drive. 32GB SSD's are cheap enough that compared the the price of the RAM its small. Second and the more sensible idea is to do a SSD RAM Hybrid, and down the amount of RAM to 4 - 16GB and use a 256-1TB SSD and just load all of the most used stuff to the on device RAM. Considering the price of RAM and the Price of SSD's the second is the most logical but if your looking for pure performance the first is obviously the best, but anyone who is willing to spend enough on the RAM would just buy a motherboard with a s*** ton of RAM slots and fill them all with the largest capacity RAM they can find and use a software based solution. Also another bonus if you programmed it for it and well for it is you could make it so that files that change regularly or will only be stored temporarily... like for instance temporary files will be loaded to the RAM saving the SSD from more Read/Writes than necessary and there for extending its life. Which is one of the main concerns behind SSD's for most people even though it is mostly a baseless concern given most peoples usage of storage. but it would sell it and it would extend the life so... Oh balls I just looked at that dudes presentation http://supremelaw.org/patents/SDC/SATA-IV.Presentation.pdf I didn't know PCIe 3 was only 1GB/ps no point in a actual RAM drive... DAMNIT... Come on PCI e 10 lulz