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  1. @Kdawgca, I am not be able to use Disk Group, since there is no Disk Group in my list! any idea how to fix it please?! (I can't even create one, since the create button is off) @Kevin OBrien, Basically I didn't do much, it seems it was installed and set up automatically after I installed DSM on my system, so is there any way to fix this issue now?!
  2. Hello everyone, I would appreciate if anyone of you experts can help me on this issue, I recently have bought a NAS Synology 1813+ with 8 bay, and I have only 2 Sigate enterprise hard disks, 2 TB each (total 4TB), both are installed on the NAS device, and NAS can detect both however, under Storage Manager> Volume I can only see Volume 1 (1.79 TB) only, and my the other 2 TB disk is still not defined as a volume, so I have apparently no access to the other disk yet! The "Create" button is also disabled so I can't create any new volume, and my question is how to fix this, how to add my second disk in Volume and be able to use it?! One last thing is, under Storage Manager > HDD/SSD menu I can see 2 available healthy disks, named as Disk 1 and Disk 2, but under the descriptions of each, it is mentioned Volume 1 for both!!! Please advice, Thank you in advance, Shahin,