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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Brian. I don't know much about the SSDs. Can I use SSD instead of a normal 2.5' laptop drive? I mean will the hardware be compatible?
  2. Hi all. I am going to buy a new hard drive for my laptop Pavillion dv6 1205ee. My original hard drive is MomentusĀ®5400.6. The two drives I am considering to buy are the WD Black ( WD7500BPKT) mentioned as Scorpio black and WD Black ( WD7500BPKX) mentioned as Western digital black on Amazon. Both drives are 750 gigs and with pretty much the same features.The only difference I could spot is 3 gb/s and 6gb/s interface. So I am confused about which one should I go for? Although the scorpio drive was announced earlier its slightly more expensive. Is it because its performance is better? Please share your opinions as I need to replace my failing drive soon.