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  1. I have an MSI board running as the head node of a GPGPU cluster built for doing some serious number cruching - not a pro set up mind you, just for some home research. A good value board and has been ultra stable for me so far.If you are using NVIDIA gpu's they have a PCIE 3.0 disclaimer that states its isnt supported with the X79 chipset. There's lots of threads on this on the internet. It should just be a case of getting the correct drivers and config.
  2. Thanks for the advice all. That's been really helpful.
  3. Yes, ebay is option. I've seen the 9650 at reasonable prices would that be a better bet or should I go for something newer again like the 9240? Thanks.
  4. Think I'll go for the MegaRAID SAS 8708EM2. Seems like a good budget option. Does anyone know if this will support drives over 2TB? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation. I've also been looking at the following cards: LSI MegaRAID MR SAS 8708EM2 LSI MegaRAID MR SAS 8308ELP LSI MegaRAID SAS 9240-4i SGL 3ware AMCC 9650SE-2LP Would anyone recommend one of these cards over the other? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I'm looking to build a home server, as part of the build I want to look at using a discrete raid controller that's capable of raid 5 and/or 6. I'll be using HDD's not SSDs for data storage so don't require 6.0Gbs performance. I have spent some time researching but am struggling to find a reasonably priced card that seems to offer decent performance. Server Spec: Motherboard for the build is an ASUS P8B-M / Intel i3 / 8Gb Crucial UDIMM ECC RAM / WD RED 3TB HDD /Intel 3500 Boot Drive. Can anyone recommend a 4/8 port Sata card that offers good read/write performance at a reasonable price? (IRO £120/$200) Thanks!