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    Which 4tb Drive?

    Looking for a new 4tb drive to use within HP Microserver. It will be used for storage of media(movies, apps,pics, docs) and remotely accessed across a network. It will NOT be in a raid setup. Usage will mainly be for movie viewing and photo viewing from laptop/ipad/media player. Max users at one time would be 2 but majority of time single usage. Server uptime runs on a calender schedule, and is up daily from 6pm to 2am midweek, and powered on all day/night at the weekend. Choices I have are the WD red or Green or the Seagate Barracude 14 ST4000DM000. The WD drives comes with 3 yr warranty for the red and 2 yrs warranty for the green. Both can have warranty extended by a year for extra £6 from WD. I hear they are issues with warranty for WD? And Barracuda's generally fail jjust after 2yrs? Very confusing. So should i go for the Western digitals due to the extra warranty or go for the cheaper Barracuda or blow the budget on a Hitachi?? Or is there another drive that is good for reliability/performance/cost ratio Hitachi 4tb Approx £150 WD Red with 4yr warranty, best price £142 WD Green with 3yr Warranty, best price £117 Barracuda ST4000DM000 (2yr Warranty) £116