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  1. I bet this was practiced!

  2. @ADNdarrell Former Amherst native creates (4K) TV series about Nova Scotia

  3. Filming #experiencenovascotia in #Kejimkujik NP #novascotia #visitnovascotia A hint to come here:…

  4. The High Sierra bugs I have to deal with on a daily basis as a Pro user is so frustrating! #apple #timcook you should be ashamed.

  5. RT @HistoryToLearn: A rejection letter Bono received from a record label in 1979.

  6. @BexSaunders7 Check it out:

  7. RT @DanielEran: Facebook helped deliver a dossier of public and private data (much more detailed than the Stasi ever collected) on 50M Amer…

  8. @BexSaunders7

  9. @ant_pruitt Thanks Ant. I’m quite impressed with the REDCine / FCPX raw 4K online workflow - especially since it’s only using a laptop.

  10. @ant_pruitt @FineArtAmerica Nice :-)

  11. On Feb. 28 we stop censorship in Canada. Join us to stand against a @Bell-led dangerous proposal to give the govern…

  12. agreed

  13. @Channel4News @JustinTrudeau Proud of my leader. So glad not to be not under @RealDonaldTrump

  14. @BexSaunders7 Hoping this will help.

  15. This is #capereton ’s own #bigsprucebrew I love their Cereal Killer, but this IPA is also worth the drive @TourismCB

  16. RT @cstampeen: I think when my current auto tweet images need renewing, I’m going to start an otter a day for a while. Who doesn’t like ott…

  17. @BexSaunders7 Be grateful you didn't post a selfie of yourself in that state,I mean... before COFFEE! LOL

  18. Wish #zeiss made #OTUS 15mm 2.8, Milvus Clicked for Nikon & de-clicked for #reddigitalcinema

  19. @ant_pruitt the only audio book I have ever listened to. Over 20 times too ...

  20. @TataBrew @CanadiensMTL enjoy yourselves Matt and Christiane !

  21. DM @ant_pruitt our show teaser (plz do not share)

  22. DM @ParksCanada_NS @beachroadfilms Wow, Blair - incredible! Thank you for sharing and for visiting us! Nothing compared to what’s coming!

  23. @ParksCanada_NS visiting the dark skies of #Kejimkujik #novascotia to film this

  24. @ParksCanada_NS visiting the dark skies of #Kejimkujik #novascotia to film this #VideoTweet

  25. We can learn a lot from history, Port Royal #visitnovascotia