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  1. RT @latimesent: Elton John recovering from 'rare and potentially deadly' infection contracted in South America http…

  2. @BexSaunders7 I have some nice normal 750ml glass that work well too :-)

  3. RT @BexSaunders7 Complete the sentence_____________ WINE !

  4. OK, for the second time, #apple #ICloud has lost lost some of my data. #donttrusticloud #FAIL

  5. LOL RT @BexSaunders7 Haha. This may appeal to a few of you twitter peeps....

  6. Experience a rugged coastline hike at Polly’s Cove, multi-360˙ virtual hike

  7. March 17 Model 3 Updates | Model 3 Owners Club via @YouTube

  8. Puffin watching in Cape Breton #visitnovascotia at Donelda’s Puffin Boat Tours

  9. What an awesome #MoviPro accessory - WANT, NEED

  10. @Evan_Hadfield where is this? Cool.

  11. RT @VisitNovaScotia: #TBT "The edge of the world (but w/ wifi & a delicious chowder hut)." ~ @nicholas_esposito via Instagram @ExploreCanad…

  12. RT @ValtteriBottas: Great visit @Daimler. Learned loads more again about why this is such a unique team and how furtunate i'm to be part of…

  13. #peggyscove #visitnovascotia #discoverhalifax

  14. Planning for summer vacation? @brierisland lodge #visitnovascotia

  15. watching #PVCWebinars, thay’re great !