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  1. I've got my server working. It's running debian (LMDE, actually) and I have a zfs set up on the controller. I re-flashed the raid card to IT mode & talk about it here. Started moving files over from the old server and after one final backup, will switch to new raid for production. My old raid is a highpoint rocketraid 3510 and I'm not too impressed with LSI's bios operation (plain UI, takes way too long to "boot") but given how rarely one is supposed to see that, I consider it anecdotal at best.
  2. Oh wow... oops, the one I got is the next newer model for $201. Then another $30 for the pair of mini SAS to mini SAS HD cables I'll need for my Lenovo RD430... Since it has a PCIe 3.0 slot, I figure this will future proof me a little. I plan on throwing 6x 300GB Seagates at it in RAID 10. (I already have some of the Seagates hence my choice) My current home-grown raid solution with an old HPT RocketRaid will move to back-up duty. Thanks! Chris
  3. Hi Brian, great review, thanks! You say the controller isn't available separately? Yet google shows the AOC-S3008-L8i available for sale... what are your thoughts? I got a new server (Lenovo RD430) and am about to get a controller for RAID 10. Thanks, Chris