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  1. Jesus. The nostalgia is the only way to remember it. I made it less than one episode. That. Was. Painful.

  2. Geek version: It’s the 2013 Mac Pro of health care legislation.

  3. RT @JonyIveParody: The new @Nintendo Switch is completely overrated. I am not having any fun with it AT ALL.

  4. @marcoarment Just got a Logitech K780; Getting the same behaviors you described out of the Surface keyboard…

  5. A _lot_ of IT people don’t know this. Nor do they know where IP addresses come from. #ipstork

  6. I would like to see one of the late shows do a man-on-the-street thing asking people to define terrorism.…

  7. The commercial campaign of @LastWeekTonight is a fantastic idea.

  8. @hankgreen my #HFS moment of the day was @donttrythis pointing to somebody defining photosynthesis as fire running in reverse. #mindblown

  9. RT @SethMacFarlane: I envision you tweeting this with a satisfied giggle as you stand over the john at midnight trying to pee.…

  10. We are all so glad @SenTedCruz took his phone with him when he turned tail and crawled up Trump’s ass. Be hard to u…

  11. RT @amymasson: Any solid Democratic candidate who runs against Rokita in the next election needs to contact me. I will make you a badass we…

  12. been in my reading queue for a week now…finally got around to reading it this morning…good stuff in here, for newbi…

  13. Bath and body works calls it twisted peppermint. I call it candy cane farts. My wife calls me not funny.