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    RAID1 Help

    OK, is there a user guide or manual .. as I haven't use MegaCLI before.
  2. LG81

    RAID1 Help

    Yes the server can come down .. I have been into the pre-boot LSI blue screen config and I didn't see a Setup wizard.... If a wizard is run will that clear the current raid & data?
  3. LG81

    RAID1 Help

    Looking for any assistance with the issue we have on hand. We have a 2007 IBM X Series server with a SAS1064 Raid Controller card. The two drives were setup in RAID1 configuration. 1 of them has died. So we purchased a new 1TB Seagate drive and have installed in the server. When we boot up the server and open MegaRaid - we can see the new disk however its status is 'Unconfigured Good' - see attached screenshot We are unable to right click on the drive to select any options ... we are trying to rebuild this drive in the RAID1 mirror configuration. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Lee.