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  1. Hi Forum, I googled benchmarks regarding the Samsung 840 Pro and the Samsung 850 Pro, and of course Samsung 850 Pro outperforms the Samsung 840 Pro. My question is if the Samsung 850 Pro outperforms Samsung 840 Pro, then why is Samsung 840 Pro a lot much more expensive ? It's an old SSD and old technology. So is there anything I am missing ? I am asking this question because I want to put an SSD into my Alienware 18 as my main drive which OS and Apps would be installed. I wonder if I would feel any difference of those two SSD's ? Also, I heard that the Samsung 840 Pro overtime slows down. Can anybody confirm this ?
  2. D0M1N13

    Hard Drive Reliability

    JTSN, True True Would argue that Hitachi are the most reliable drives. Do you remember the Deskstars, "Deathstars"? True I decided I will go with 2.5" inch hard drive. I picked this enclosure for it: http://www.raidsonic.de/en/products/external-cases.php?we_objectID=8818 As for the hard drive, this one will do just fine for storage: http://wd.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=800 Thank you for your info !
  3. D0M1N13

    Hard Drive Reliability

    Brian, Thank you for the info. I was thinking that if I am going to use a drive for storage, why not get a 2.5" inch drive - they produce less heat, they have higher reliability rates, and you don't need to use a power plug source, only a USB. I can buy an enclosure for it with air holes and which is aluminum to dissipate heat. I think this is the perfect solution.
  4. D0M1N13

    Hard Drive Reliability

    Brian, The drive will be primarily used for storage ( photos, documents, etc ). I won't be installing any programs, OS's, or the like on this drive. The enclosure you mentioned, the IcyBlizzard.. you recommend.. ok So I'll get that one.
  5. Hello Forum ! I am planning on buying a 3.5" hard drive to put into my Icy Dock enclosure ( http://www.icydock.com/goods.php?id=145 ), although I heard that the best enclosures are the ones that have a build in fan like. I was also thinking about this enclosure ( http://www.icydock.com/goods.php?id=148 ). Which would you recommend ? Getting back to my other question that I was going to ask ... so which hard drive should I buy for storage ? The main purpose of the hard drive that I will buy will be to store my data ( photos, documents, etc ). When I researched on what hard drive manufacturer is the most reliable, there was no straight answer. So, instead of me asking for you to tell me what is the most reliable hard drive out there, I want to know what hard drive you guys have inside your external enclosures or your desktop PC's and how long do you have the hard drive for ? Is it giving you any problems ? Does it run cool ? I have my eye set on three hard drives so far for storage use and these are: 1. Western Digital Blue 2. Western Digital Green 3. Western Digital Red I had Western Digital before and it served me well. I had no problems with my last WD hard drive, that is why I am planning on sticking to WD. I don't trust Seagate that much, as two times I bought Seagate and it failed on me around 1.5 year. I heard some complaints with the Western Digital Green's, claiming that the drives fail within a year due to their "head parking" a lot. WD Reds are mostly used for NAS or RAID systems, but can also be used solo. Please guys and gals, provide your feedback to me. Thank you !
  6. D0M1N13

    Which hard drive for 24/7 use?

    Thanks !! May you recommend me some of the external cases for 4TB hard drives ? I know that not all hard drive enclosures support 4TB hard drives. May you help me out, please ?
  7. Hi Forum, I am planning on buying a 3 or 4 TB Hard drive mainly for storage purposes. I am planning to use it as an external hard drive. I want to hook up the hard drive to my Asus RT-N66U Router USB port so that my family members can access this hard drive anywhere in my home and can save music, video, documents, books to the hard drive. So it will act as a NAS ( Network Attached Storage ). What hard drive can you guys recommend me for a 24/7 use ? Any help will be greatly appreciated.