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  1. bigcid10

    need help setting up lsi 9260-4i uefi boot

    Oh,lsi tech instructed me how to setup the single drive r0 array,thanks read post #9 ,I can help you if you need it
  2. bigcid10

    need help setting up lsi 9260-4i uefi boot

    well now that I got through that fiasco,I having to do a fresh install as windows wouldn't let me do a image restore on the newly setup raid array,after all said and done ,I find that the performance isn't up to par with the intel onboard raid I'm getting about 10-15 percent increase over single drive performance (550-625MBps) versus 550-1200MBps with intel setup Is there anyway to use single drives on the LSI megaraid 9260-4i .I know jbod is not supported ,but I read something about making spares or something like that thanks,bigcid10
  3. bigcid10

    need help setting up lsi 9260-4i uefi boot

    ok,here's the deal. I got it to work in uefi mode process goes like this asus board, take it out of uefi mode then hit f8 on start to get to moot menu hit enter on lsi raid card then it will open the raid setup program after that go back into bios and turn on uefi boot after youreboot got back into uefi bios and you will see a tab for the lsi raid card edit : while I was tapping the f8 key when the lsi screen came up I hit cntrl+w after which the boot menu came up and I selected the lsi raid controller
  4. bigcid10

    need help setting up lsi 9260-4i uefi boot

    I will give it another shot tomorrow and report back,thanks
  5. bigcid10

    need help setting up lsi 9260-4i uefi boot

    I spoke with LSi tech support and the said it supported uefiand in the list of files that came in the firmware it shows a uefi firmware file that's why I'm confused I don't know how to access the raid config on boot to setup a new array
  6. bigcid10

    need help setting up lsi 9260-4i uefi boot

    no,it would not show up as a bootable option ,but I can understand this because there is no OS on it to boot from I would like to add another array that will be bootable(windows),but I don't know the process to configure(add) another VD from the boot utility,Thank you
  7. hello,I need some help setting up a lsi megaraid 9260-4i I run windows 8.1 x64 with uefi boot asus mainboard P9X79 Defuxe bios 4603 I already setup a raid 0 in MRS software in windows with 2 sata 1tb drives just for storage but I have no Idea how to configure it on bootup I want to put my windows 8.1 raid 0 array(2 kingston hyperX3k240 R0) that is running on the intel onboard controller but I need help doing it.I have the system image stored on a sata drive so I just dump it from windows 8 repair disk can someone help me with the process? TIA,bigcid10 edit: the card has the lastest bios and according to support it can do eufi boot I just am used to those easy mb raid controllers sig: IB-E 4930 @4.5GHz asus P9X79 Deluxe Corsair H100 32gb ram corsir vengance 2133 4X8GB Coolermaster silent pro1000 PS Powercolor AX9 R9 290OC 2 viewsonic vx2753mh monitors 1 Kingston HyperX 3k 240GB ssd for OS corsair 800D SB ZXR | Logitech Z-5500 Windows 8.1 x64 mce