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    WD1003FZEX slow access times warning!

    I, like a few others around here, prefer HDDs and wanted the fastest model to use as an OS boot drive. I already have a large external storage array. I went through all the reviews to find the fastest disk at the lowest size (pretty much 1TB nowadays) and WD1003FZEX was recommended again and again. Anyway I sent it back, got a refund and bought last years 1TB black model, the WD1002FAEX. It's access time is 12.2ms in benchmarks I have run. 31%!! faster than the newer WD1003FZEX. Windows is more responsive. WD have been deceptive with new model, the 2TB, 3TB and 4TB are fine but they hobbled the 1TB version. You could save 30$ by buying the 1TB blue version. I don't care about an extra 15-20MB/s sustained transfer rate with the new model, access time kills that gain for 90% of realworld work.
  2. I bought a WD1003FZEX and after testing the drive was surprised how slow the access times are (this is after all suppose to be a performance black model). The previous model WD1002FAEX I tested has an average access time of 12.4ms. Also the other new black drives (WD2003FZEX,WD3003FZEX,WD4003FZEX) have access times in the 12-13ms range. I sent the drive back now because using it as an OS drive was like using a WD blue drive. Very fast sequential read/write but not responsive. Looking around the web and amazon reviews I came across and Does anyone know what is going on here with WD. Selling the 1TB model as a black performance drive whith such slow access time. It is useless for that segment.