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  1. I think I will leave this to some computer expert here in town. Most likely I will happy fellow it up and have to ask for help anyway. I don`t quit know what to do because I get different opinions about this subject. If someone could refer to a site that explains step by step, it would be a great help. Anders
  2. I have a xps15 laptop with windows 7 and ssd. Why? It got one esata port.
  3. Hi, I have tried with four different dvds but can`t make ti work. It doesn`t start up automatically from the dvd so I booted it from the BIOS, but it din`t work there either. It jumt swtraight back to normal startup. I don`t have usb stick, only segate external harddrive. Wich one of these should I download and burn by the way? My specs: Asus z87 pro, i74770k 32 GB ram Intel SSD 520 series
  4. "Hello have you downloaded the intel toolbox? if so please try the secure wipe feature. I have been talking with intel tech support about this issue it would seem as their was a hidden partition loaded on these drives. I was able to download a DOS program called HDAT2_50 that allowed me to see the hidden partition and then reset drive to its full capacity after which I created a ntfs partition on it and formatted it to its full capacity. If you do not feel comfortable in doing any of this I truly understand and would offer to replace it with another drive which has been done already. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused." Could you help me through this?
  5. I am located in Helsinki actually. I wasn`t aware I baught it used before yesterday and it beeing used is not a problem for me in the first place, but this situation makes a problem. I will wait for his tech people to contact me and see what they have to say. After that i will come back to you. Anders
  6. Hey, I just got this information from the seller, it seems like I am an idot since not noticing. It explains the price. "...This was sold as a used SSD not new, that's why there was no original box. We received about 50 of these from our client, they are an off lease item." With this new info, will it make a different concerning wiping and deleting partitions? Anders
  7. No, It is not good. Thank you for your time. I will sleep on it and contact some computer guys tomorrow and ask them to look in to it. Thank you! Anders
  8. He told me he has been in contact with the tech guys he is working with. "Did you go to the Intel website and download Intel SSD Toolkit? I just talked to our tech and you have to get the Intel SSD Toolkit which you can download off the Intel website. The SSD drives hold back a certain amount of space for crash purposes, you can unlock that space with the toolkit. Hope this helps" I did, and this is what i get. What do you reed from this?
  9. Seller's message: "The drive is only seeing the 357Gb at this time, once you completely wipe the drive and get rid of all the partitions it will come up as 480GB. There are a lot of forums with information on google about this with SSD drives" previous conversations Hm, what should I do. I could always try and wipe it, it won`t harm in case he might be right. But I don`t know hot to do that really. I have my OS on ssd, so if I should try the sellers advice, what would be the best way? Thank you for your time, I really apreciate it! Anders
  10. Hi, I got this message frpm the seller. Seller's message: "You have to go into the drive and get rid of the extra partitions. If you need help you can call and talk to our tech and he can walk you through this. 248-305-7900 mon-fri 9am-5pm est Thank you" What do you think about this? Sounds strange to me. 100 gb in another partition? Anders
  11. And what should I look for? Whould you care to elaborate its behavior? Thank you for your time by the way. Anders
  12. And this is my Benchmark results, How do they look? Have I baught a fake or is there some hidden space, some configuration stinker I need to figure out?
  13. You can`t see anything on that picture, but it says: Model Number: intel SSD 520 Series 384GB Firmware: 400i The firmware on this intel SSD is up to date Serial Number: CVCV308204JY480DGN
  14. I can`t open it right now but this is the information from both firmware information and device properties: I have neer heard of intel ssd 520 series 384! 384? I have googled it but it doesn`t show up anywhere. AndersEik