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    DMX3000 vs VNX

    Hi, I am new to this forum and an Enterprise Storage newbie so I am sorry if my questions are not very technically correct. Could someone explain the general difference between a DMX3000 and for example a VNX like the VNX5700 in terms of general performance and availability aspects? Please find also my additional more specific questions below: 1. The VNX has two controllers, as I recall if one of them fails then the performance of the device falls by 50%. How to interpert this? Does this mean that having 10000 IOPS our performance would drop to about 5000 IOPS? 2. How many controllers does the DMX3000 have? What happens if one of them fails? 3. Does the DMX3000 have a storage tiering capability like the VNX Fast Cache or anything similar? 4. What VNX like device would be the most comparable in terms of performance and availability to the DMX3000? 5. What VNX configuration would you suggest to replace an old DMX3000? Thank you in advance for all answers!