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  1. I wanted to share my own experience regarding the proprietary software. Except for the initial unlocking of the HDD part, which has to happen under Windows, it seems to me that the drive will behave like any other single drive. I think that the use of one single SATA port for the two physical drives happens at the hardware level and is not depending on a software driver. After installing Windows XP on the SSD part and unlocking the HDD part with the software downloaded from WD, I used a Linux CD to repartition the drive and that worked OK. I could repartition it as one single drive, or keep the two drives separate, SSD and HDD. I resized the SSD part, to make room for installating other OSes. I also changed the HDD part to an extended partition and divided it up in several logical drives (I like it that way). Windows XP still works fine and has no difficulty seeing all the volumes. I don't think that there would be any trouble using the drive with Linux. As far as I understand, the only thing to keep in mind is that if a partition ovelaps between the SSD and HDD part, performance will be very different, depending on which section is being read or written to. So yes, the initial unlocking of the HDD is a pain in the neck, since it requires a Windows installation but once that is over with, I think one can do what one pleases with the drive. They should either have the HDD unlocked to start with or at least provide some booting CD with the software to do it.