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    LSI 9361-4i card

    It seems to be working now. I got a replacement for one of the ssd's and it works.
  2. johnsf100

    LSI 9361-4i card

    I installed an LSI 9361-4i raid card in an Asrock Z87 Extreme11 motherboard and connected 4 Seagate 600 series 240gb ssd's to it. When I go into the raid web gui it shows 3 of the drives as ready and at full capacity and 1 always as failed and capacity 0 kb. I switched around the cables and still no good. I know the drives work fine connected to the onboard lsi controller as I installed the OS on them in a RAID 0 array. This is my 3rd LSI card and all have the same issues. LSI support thinks it is a signaling issue and Asrock support is not sure. I tried changing the PCI express to gen3 and gen2 but doesn't help. I even switched out the 4th ssd with a sata drive and it shows failed also. I tried different slots also which doesn't help. The card works fine with only 3 ssd's connected as I have installed the OS on it. Any ideas?