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    2 SSDs installed, 2 failed drives.

    which features of partition wizard should i be running to test the drive for errors?
  2. mr_malkovich

    2 SSDs installed, 2 failed drives.

    Thanks for your input, guys. I will download Partition Wizard and I will try MRFS' advice too. When I hook the SSD to another computer, what should I be looking for? More bad sectors appearing? Should I be using it constantly or is it sufficient to plug it in and let it sit? What are the chances that I could have infant mortality on two drives back to back? Seems very weird. By the way, since my last post to you guys, this SSD has found 2 more bad sectors, bringing me to 4. Mushkin told me to keep an eye on the drive and send it back in if it goes above 4 bad sectors. But man... oh man... I really don't want to unless it's a given that this thing is going to fail. The downtime it causes my business makes me want to tear my own head off.
  3. Hi all. I'm using a 2009 Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion, and Windows 7 via Boot Camp, which I'm on primarily. I have 8GB of RAM and I upgraded to a 480GB Mushkin Calliston SSD to speed things up a few weeks ago. After two weeks I started experiencing Blue Screens Of Death. My friend tested the drive using SmartUtility on the Mac partition and the drive came up as failing. Mushkin sent me a new one. I installed it and tested it with SmartUtility. It passed, no problems. I went through the requisite day or two of reinstallation purgatory, and I just got done. I tested the drive on SmartUtility... and it's failing. 2 reallocated sectors. I called Mushkin, who had me download and run CrystalDiskInfo on the windows partition. CDI also notes two reallocated sectors but calls this "100% good". Mushkin support says it's nothing to worry about, as long as the number of bad sectors doesn't increase. I took a chance on an SSD because I use Microsoft Outlook for my business, which I run exclusively from my laptop. I can't lug around other drives, I need a fast, reliable system drive and that's it. I read somewhere that Outlook and SSDs don't jive well together. Is this true? Is two bad sectors nothing to worry about? What are the chances that this is NOT a problem with my laptop or the programs I'm running? It seems hard to imagine that I'm doing anything with my computer on the kind of scale that could wear out two SSDs within days of installing them. What is going on? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide here.