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    Mirror RAID

    Hello, My board was Gigabyte EP45-DS3R with Intel ® ICH10R. There is two disc in raid 1 mirror configuration Array_0000. Before two weeks i had problem with windows boot . I was disconnected second disc and installed fresh Windows installation on first disc. I need to back second disk in system and sync data. What is the proper way to do that?
  2. Hello, i need to verify two possible safe way to upgrade raid 1. I wont to upgrade RAID 1 with new disks. Raid controller was Board integrated RAID controler: Intel® ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/D0/PCH SATA RAID Controller, Driver version: Solution 1 1. Shut off the system and remove one of the hard drives. 2. Attach one of the large hard& drives in its place. 3. Turn on the system and boot into Windows*. 4. Open the Intel® Matrix Storage Console, right-click the new hard drive in the device tree (shown in the Non-RAID Hard Drive section), and click Rebuild to this Hard Drive. 5. Allow the rebuild to complete. 6. Restart the system and enter the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager option ROM by pressing Ctrl and i when prompted. 7. Click Reset Disks to Non-RAID. Note You may see a dialog box warning you of data loss. This warning does not apply to RAID 1; you will still be able to access your data. 8. Click Yes to confirm. 9. Click Exit and shut off the system. 10. Remove the original (smaller) hard drive from the system. This will leave only the new (larger) hard drive, acting as a single hard drive (it is no longer part of a RAID volume). 11. Turn on the system and boot into Windows. You may need to change the hard drive priority in order to boot. 12. From within Windows, use the Windows computer management tools or third party partitioning software in order to resize the hard drive partition so that it uses the entire capacity of the hard drive. 13. Turn off the system and attach the second large hard drive. 14. Turn on the system and boot into Windows. 15. Open the Intel Matrix Storage Console, click Actions (if you don't see an Actions menu, first click Advanced mode in the View menu) and then click Create RAID Volume from 16. Follow the prompts to create a new RAID 1 volume. Your data will then be migrated from the single large hard drive to the new RAID 1 volume Solution 2 Add new disks in system and create new array. Use Acronis easy migrate and clone data from old to new.
  3. fbsd

    RAID 1 WD write problem

    Thanks. I would like to change disks. Current size of disks was 2 x 750GB i would like to change with 2 x 1T. Can someone give me procedure how to change disks without reinstall OS on the disks.
  4. fbsd

    RAID 1 WD write problem

    Here is results of testing only disc 2 in raid 1. I was tested disc 1 and gives old bad results.
  5. fbsd

    RAID 1 WD write problem

    MRFS, thanks for informations. - I noticed that HDD led on tower looks like blinking all the time when pc was on. - Did you noticed that write speed benchmark result on HD Tune looks like limited on 1MB? Is this procedure ok for me if i wont to change disks? http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/imsm/sb/CS-030751.htm In windows updates has come Intel Matrix storage console.
  6. I hope you can help me in solving problems with RAID 1. OS: Windows 2008 R2 64bit HD: 2x WDC WD7500AACs-00ZJB0 750.1GB Motherboard: Gygabyte: EP45-DS3R Board integrated RAID controler: Intel® ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/D0/PCH SATA RAID Controller, Driver version: Problems can occur when writing data to the disk.