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  1. @SR Admin Using Flash-Memory and/or storage would make this Graphics-WS even more expensive - but certainly worth to think about twice. In this scenario PCIe Rev.3 would really take off - so YES, we will take this into more serious consideration. But then funds are not unlimited. So we have to propose solutions for 2 scenarios. One for 'current optimal' and one for 'low cost'. What's your take?
  2. @Kevin OBrien You got a point for sure. Supermicro is really great. Still, I am afraid the Chipset for that broad use case is not here yet. Guess we have to wait.
  3. found the Block diagram for ASUS P9X79E-WS: According to ASUS the Slots 1,2,3,5,6,7 are all PLX routed. One PLX for slots 1,2,3 another for 5,6,7. Slot 4 is direct to the CPU.
  4. @Brian >> infusing any flash into the rig? I don't quite understand. Dou you mean Flash-Memory like an SSD? What exactly do you mean? >> target use case for ... the creative space Exactly -.You hit the nail on its head! @cppguru Yes, we do consider the ASUS P9X79E-WS. Apparently this board does support PCIe Version 3.0! In contrast to Intels specification of the Chipset X79: I find this rather confusing. As of now I have not yet found a block diagram for this MoBo and wonder how ASUS actually implemented PCIe Version 3 into this MoBo. I'd assume that ASUS (just like Gigabyte, ASRock, EVGA, MSI) are using the Processors Sandy-Bridge-E and/or the Ivy-Bridge (40-lanes PCIe 3.0) via a multiplexer like the PEX8747 Chip. We're aiming at a Chipset that fully supports PCIe Version 3.0. But I am afraid that does not exist yet. (hope we're missing something)
  5. Lian Li PC-343B Case $500 shippedI am Very interested! I assume the 5-Drive 3-Bay 3.5" SATA Hot Swap cages are included - correct ? I've got the same case already but need another one. Though the new D600 is also quite tempting. Does your shipping price include a shipment to Zurich, Switzerland as well ? Let me know please.
  6. Hello, I need to build a powerful Graphics-Workstation (Windows7-64 prof.) for Video editing. WS shall be equipped with one professional graphics controller (PCIe 16x) and 2x LSI MegaRAID-9270-8i controllers (both at PCIe 8x) reuslting in two RAID5-Arrays consisting of 8 drives each. The workload is as follows: Large files 2-6GB+ (sometimes several) are read from any of the 2 LSI MeagRAIDs while (often at the same time) Video-sequences are cut, pasted, rendered etc.. No other PCIe slots will be used. I find it hard to find a suitable motherboard that supports PCIe Version 3 without bandwidth limitation on any of the PCIe-lanes or slots. Which Motherboard(s) would conform to (or best meet) the setup described? Chipset Z87 supports PCIe Ver 3, but most boards I've seen multiplex the lanes with a PEX8747 chip. AFAIK Chipset X79 supports PCIe Ver 2. However, I would think the primary bottleneck might be the disk-write-speed (despite an 8-drive RAID5-array). Therefore a MoBo with PCIe Ver 2 would probably do the job as well. But which one? Any other thoughts or suggestions? Your advice is highly appreciated. Thanks
  7. same here, tech support told me the same. still no success. That's why I gave up. sorry, not really any help.
  8. You might try this one: PEXSAT34 from works fine - uses PCIe (2.0) 4x.
  9. Had similar issue with an ASUS P8P67-Deluxe. Couldn't get the LSI-9260-4i properly recognized by the UEFI BIOS. After a few days trial-and-error, LSI support, reasearch etc. I eventually I gave up on this and now use an SSD as boot device. Once a week I pull an image from that SSD with Acronis true image (the restore procedure has been successfully tested - so I am safe). I assume/suspect that ASUS-UEFI-Bios and LSI-9260 for some reason don't like each other. Hope this helps.
  10. snahl

    LSI 9260-16i & WD Red Performance

    Hi, I am using the WD SE drives instead and they run just fine - with write speeds at around 450MB/sec. ( Had the same issue like by using the REDs. The REDs are now being used in several Lian-Li EX-503. Hope this helps.
  11. Hello, I've got a LSI9270-8i to build 2 RAID5-arrays (VD0 and VD1) with 2x 4x 1.8TB WD-RE drives. I'm curious to learn about the best option to wire the 8 drives to the 2 ports for most efficient operation. Here are my thoughts: The LSI 9270-8i got 2 ports p0-3 and p4-7. In order to use both ports efficiently no matter whether accessing VD0 or VD1, then I should connect as follows: 2 drives of VD0 to p0-1 and the other 2 drives of VD0 to p4-5 and similarly 2 drives of VD1 to p2-3 and the other 2 drives of VD1 to p6-7 This should give a balanced usage of both ports at any time. What do you think? Are there better ways to achieve a balanced usage of the ports? What are the disadvantages of the setup described? I know best would be to create one VD0 in RAID6 mode (correct?). But for plausible reasons we do need 2 arrays. Thanks for feedback and sharing your thoughts. Merry x-Mas