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  1. I have a Samsung SP1203N IDE hard drive that won't spin up. What I tried so far is the freezer method where I left the drive there for four or five days to no avail; and putting a multimeter on diode mode and testing what I think are TVS diodes on the PCB (model BF41-00076A, the same board as this one) to get the following results: (Hard to read) AE O436, right beside the 4-pin power connector reads .457 in one direction and 1. (no zero next to that) in the other. 428 LEM, center right one in the picture reads .544 and "1." (Also hard to read) 420 1BL3, center left one reads .109 and "1." Does this mean that these diodes, if they are in fact diodes, are not the problem? If so, what could the problem be?