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    Edge Memory PE236779 (PCIe SSD)

    Darking: Thank you for your post, that is the same kind of thing I was thinking. Kevin: I totally agree with you that the products are new and I would prefer that they be more consumer tested. The biggest draw for the PCIe ssd was the read and write speed with a single component (The Edge claims Up to 2150MB/s (read) / 1950MB/s (write)). When I shoot a wedding I end up editing upwards of 3000 large files and I'm very much trying to speed up every step of my computer. I currently ate up all my onboard SATA connections with CD/DVD burners and CF card readers. I'm aware that I can gain additional SATA connections using a PCIe slot I was just hoping to keep things simple. Is RAID difficult to setup?
  2. Please forgive me as I am awful new to building computers. I am actually a photographer building an overkill machine and I am a little hung up on PCIe SSD's. I have narrowed it down to these two RAIDR Express AND Edge PE236779 My hesitation is that there is virtually no information on the Edge anywhere on the internet. I have tried calling EDGE but only got in touch with a bunch of voicemail boxes. A lot of different websites claim to have the Edge PE236779 for sale but not a single person has reviewed it anywhere. Where as the RAIDR is a ROG product and as I am using a new ASUS MB I know everything will be compatible. That being said the RAIDR is slower and smaller than the EDGE. Any and all information is appreciated.