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    Seagate Desktop SSHD Review Discussion

    ***Update*** This drive has a price reduction since this review was posted. It now retails for $89-$99 for the 1TB model here in Canada!
  2. malleus_male

    Seagate Desktop SSHD Review Discussion

    I love how people that don't actually own the thing they call a flop post here. I own this drive and I can tell you this drive is a fantastic solution for anyone that can not afford a large SSD but still want a much faster HD. Who can actually complain about 3 x performance increase? I would like to see any one of you guys explain to your wife's why you just spent $600+ on a 1TB SSD when you could have went out and spent $100 on an SSHD and called it a day! LOL Math is math and you can not argue the savings. Playing BF4 I no longer have to wait to start in the map. I load-in just as fast as everyone else that are using a full blown SSD. And that is fact! Now while you guys with your 128GB SSD are always deleting files to make room for new files, I am laughing high with a full TB to work with! Kudos to Seagate for giving us a good option for SSHD!