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  1. I'm getting 900mb/sec reads on my raid array. Around 500/sec writes. How much speed do you need? I'm using a Lsi in hba mode and mdadm. 3tb 7200 barracudas. One drive pulls 160/sec sustained without kernel tuning. I need more cpu to make writes faster obviously. Yiu could cheat and use gaboons of ram, and let the kernel flush as it gets time? Or go lot of ram, then an entire ssd for swap space /swap file with different priority,? That's how I did my system. 16gb ram, pair of pci slot SSDs striped as primary swap, then a small swap file on parity raid array.
  2. anywhere

    Can you benchmark an SSD with data on it?

    I've been eyeballing a cheap ssd for a plex server. /var gets filled will millions of meta data for huge collections. I'm 10,000 albums and over 8000 movies. Maybe I'll need something bigger the 60?
  3. anywhere

    format lost in my partition

    Reasons like this is why I always back up mbr of hdd to a file incase to restore. Dd if=/dev/sdX of=/file bs=512 count=1 If you remember how it was sliced, rewrite it with fdisk
  4. I feel dirty looking at a m$ pie chart. Haha.
  5. Have fun. I started with 2 3tb drives. They fill up so fast. I've grown my Ext4 array 12 times..... Lost nothing. Plan to buy more!
  6. A bit more involved then my setup. Dedicated media storage , and a 2nd box with host debian, and lots of virtual box ideas. Reason it has 32gb of ram. Filrsever only has 512. I'm cheap.
  7. Still working, no errors, smart or kernel. Since it's raid, I'll fail one at a time, write zeros at the device level, sector 0 to end run ext smart test , readd, rebuild, and repeat through them all. No issuesThats how I know. Running zfs too for bitrot issues.
  8. Why virtual middle man? Id run it natively on host hardware.
  9. Ha, age. All of my Pata drives are flawless. I have a 30gal steel drum outside of shop full of newer sata drives.... Go figure.
  10. I need a lot of SSDs for virtual box sessions.... At any time I run 12-15...eac+ one using 40gb each of vdi hdd size.
  11. Battery life doesn't matter. They know they'll release something better in 6 months. Always better and more efficient, if not, at least newer!
  12. anywhere

    Need advice on future storage

    I cringe at my personal data archived beyond my control....
  13. I7 or AMD fx cpu Simple samba or nfs "file serving", my AMD k6-2 from the 90s was sufficient. Parity math and encryption underlying the filesystem, then nfs and samba shares need some serious math.... All depends how complicated you want it to be before data is actually read/written. I'm running 8 on board sata, 4 more 4 port cards, 24 3tb hdds. 4 separate raid6 arrays. Then a jbod MD spanned from the MD raid6 arrays. Eats up cpu, but there's underlying redundancy that's split up., and I have one huge file system. As they say, more then one way to skin a cat. Pick a knife. Sent from my rooted HTC Supersonic using Tapatalk 2 Pro
  14. Oh, nfs samba shares idle the cpu @ gigabit speeds... . Plex, luks encryption, and parity math will show what you got..... Sent from my rooted HTC Supersonic using Tapatalk 2 Pro
  15. Linux, mdadm, 8 core anything, and $35 sata cards. I'm running 16 drives... Sent from my rooted HTC Supersonic using Tapatalk 2 Pro