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    Supermicro array questions

    compwizrd, thanks for the response, I realize now that I've not noticed the distinction between the EL1 and EL2 backplanes vs the E16 and E26 chassis types. I certainly don't need a second chassis. While trying to reconcile this all, I did spot a paragraph in the SC847J.pdf that I don't recall reading before, which says in part that "no SATA drives should be used in dual expander backplanes". This alone reduces the problem space drastically. (I had seen a mention on Wikipedia that 6Gb/s SATA drives _could_ do multipath, but I haven't found any documentation anywhere else to corroborate this.) Thanks for sharing some information about your personal setup. Do you have it documented more fully somewhere else? If not, may I ask for some more details? What case, power supplies, motherboard, and SAS expander are you using? Would you pick them again? (I've started looking with supermicro because easy hot-swap bays and redundant power supplies seems like wonderful things even if I don't need to use them often. But perhaps some conveniences could be compromised for price.) Thanks for the help.
  2. sarnold

    Supermicro array questions

    Thanks Brian, Kevin, and compwizrd, Within the SuperMicro lineup, e.g. the SC846 or SC847 line, there are different models; the A models have a SAS port on the backplanes for every drive, the E16 models have a single 8087 connector for four SAS ports, the E26 models have two 8087 connectors on multipath-capable backplanes for eight SAS ports. (I think up to this point my understanding is solid enough.) I'd really like to use SATA drives because they fit my budget better. I don't think I need the performance that I could get from the A models -- I certainly don't need 24 in-flight reads or writes at once. I wonder if there is value to me in buying the E26 model, because there's a lot I just don't understand: - Can SATA drives do multipath on backplanes like this? - Can more than four SATA drives on one of these backplanes see performance improvements with multipath? i.e. could I have eight reads/writes in-flight on one of these E26 backplanes? I don't know where I'd go to find the information I want, my usual sources (wikipedia and manpages) just don't cover things this far above normal consumer grade equipment, and most of the more advanced sources assume this is all introductory material. Thanks!