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  1. Hi everybody; I have a 4-5 TB collection of home media files (most HD video) inside my PC in a mix of different HDD I've collected over the years, and I would like to secure it in a good RAID 5 (or even 6 since security to data lost is my priority) I'm not planning on doing heavy editing since most of my media are kept raw, already edited or simply downloaded, so performance is not crucial, but I expect to be able to play the media nearly as fast as a SATA 2. There will be no rearrenging of the files, input/output and only ocasional "housekeeping" of the files. Basically I want a RAID5 data repository for 5 to 8 TB absolute max. I won't need network connection, In fact it'll be difficult to implement since the router/switch and my pc are separated by 2 storeys and tending another line would be a nightmare. And anyways we just need 1 pc to access the data. Now for the fun part; Price is not that important, since a friend of mine can get me good deals in hardware, but keep it realistic, we're not in need of a datacenter. (I'm picturing a 4+1 RAID 5 with 2TB barracudas for example) I'll use Win7 Thanks a lot
  2. Yeah, unfortunatelly this is also out of the question since the router is in my father's office and is already crampted, so his awnser will be a big "NO".