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  1. All I'm saying is that Synology NAS'es are terrible in IO performance and thus makes the test kind of irrelevant. Testing with any other harddrives would yield the same result, because the bottleneck is the NAS and not the drives. Although.. testing in another system would likely also only test the performance of the RAID controller (and subsystem) rather than the drives themselves.
  2. Testing harddrive performance by inserting them into a Synology NAS is just a joke !!!! Synology IO performance is HORRIBLE compared to any decent hardware ! in my computer i had 3x WD30EZRX (WD 3 TB Green) in RAID 0 and could read/write at 400/350 MB/s Raid 5 performance was 350/250 MB/s Hardware : Core i5 4570, ASUS H87i-PLUS (Intel Raid controller) on the other hand, running a virtual Synology DSM 4.3 (XPenology) i didn't get the same performance from the same disks. I didn't do a thourough benchmark but the initial speeds was only about 100 MB/s read/write. i'll do a test once i get new disks (WD Green was returned)