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  1. Hello, I plan on using the Samsung 850 Pro for video capture and editing but also wanted to use the Full Disk, Hardware Encryption feature with it minimally affecting performance (especially writing). Any suggestions as to which mode to use as said by Samsung Magician (Class 0, TCG Opal, MS Encrypted Drive)? Also, can they all be activated with Windows already installed? Thanks!
  2. It does seem like your transfer rates do not hit the lower end of the performance gains but then again, I would question your methodology. I do not see how a drive that has 1TB would be of any help and more so would be a hindrance to getting accurate results. Inevitably, there would be fragmentation that would of occurred on the old drive making it a less than optimal comparison to a new drive. As for IOPS, you don't mention your computer's specs but the testing here was done on a pretty fast and efficient setup in that linked article and that also might contribute to the discrepancies. Also, we're talking about a benchmark setup with minimal background services running and meant soley for this purpose. Ultimately, I would agree with your thought of not needing an upgrade if you have the previous generation but this drive does seem pretty awesome for a first-time purchaser of a large capacity drive. As for other benchark software, I think Atto is free along with CrystalDiskMark. I don't know how they compare to other benchmark software and another thing that might make a difference is the type of test data and setting which I know can be changed in CrystalDiskMark.