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  1. Good day. My name is Shmelev Frol. i am engineer of Kuban state university of technologies. We use in our computer center blade server Fujitsu, in this server are used emulex onecommand mezzanine card - OCe11102-N Ethernet Adapter. And we have the problem with multichanel. We activated this function in pxe emulex utility, anebled admil logical linc for every NICs, but after reboot, only one NIC is link up, other NICs are link down. How can i configured multichannel and linking of NICs? what is Emulex NIC configuration utility? where can i download this utility? what are the necessary conditions for connekting status NICs - link up? our fujitsu blade server connects to ethernet switch by 0 port OCe11102-N Ethernet Adapter, and the function of multichannel is enabled on this port. Phisical connecting status is link up, but the logical - link up only first NIC, other 3 NICs are LINK DOWN. on the switch we created VLAN: 1 port (tagged); 19 port (untagged) - Vlan 2, pvid port 1 - 2; pvid port 19 - 2 1 port(taged); 19 port (tagged) ; 20 port (untagged) - vlan 3; pvid port 20 - 3 0 port of OCe11102-N Ethernet Adapter connects to the 1 port switch lpvid nic1 - 2 lpvid nic 2 - 3 bandwithg - 50 % for each. Server OS is a Windows server 2012 r2. then i enabled multichannel only one nic connected, admin status is disabled for all. then i anebled admin status and set bandwigth for 50% for 1 and 2nd NIC - enter SAVE - and two NICs are link up, but after reboot only 1st NIC link up, SECOND NIC LINK DOWN. WHAT DO I WRONG? WHAT ARE RIGHT SETTINGS FOR LOGICAL LINK STATUS LINK UP?