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  1. Hi again, as promised I verified the usage of 6Gbit/sec drives on the OWC-replacement SATA-cable and it FAILED! As a result I can finally say that if you need to put a 6Gbit-drive into a mac mini you ought to connect it to the original Apple-cable and only put a 3Gbit-drive onto the replacement-cables that I tested! No other way. greets
  2. Dear MacMini-Drive -extenders, we have put SSDs as second drives to the MacMini 2012, which runs at 6Gbit. Therefore we had to retrieve the cables; internal cables, not a long test-cable as in the article. We tried cables from iFixit, nonane china and (untested yet) OWC. Problems occurred: The 6Mbit seems a real problem for the cables! Data-flow gets stalled often (time-outs for up to 20sec) when the chinese cables are in use at 6Gbit; and once this also happens with the iFixit-cable, which looks similar. 3Gbit seems to work fine. We will now test the OWC-cable and I will post the results. The OWC-cable we have has a completely different look, color and it seems to have more vias for the ground, which might (hopefully) help at high frequency! Because we can only now warn - 6Gbit is not an easy task for 3rd party replacement cables! greets