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  1. This is truly funny. Apologies if someone (Prof Wizard?) has posted it before.
  2. Ross Kolnikov

    Where is the Giver?

    It's_Fubar !
  3. Ross Kolnikov

    FUBAR, The Movie

    FUBAR, The Movie, probably won't open in 1,500 theatres. I've been waiting for this one to get a distributor just like some folks have been waiting for Episode II. I thought I'd post it since it was at SR that someone kindly explained to me what FUBAR meant. (DOH!) P.S. , whatever happened to: It's_Fubar ? I enjoyed some of his rants.
  4. Ross Kolnikov

    Hostility Level Rising?

    Do you mean in terms of the session timeout?? I had thought that things were considerably more calm/ more helpful/less hostile than last year, e.g. even my inane, but well-meaning posts have not drawn fire: I regularly expect to see "You are the weakest link. G'Bye" as a response. Snow report: There's about 6 metres of snow in the mountains here, I'm allowed a day backcountry skiing this Sunday, so I'll give you an update.
  5. Ross Kolnikov

    Optical mouse doesn't feel right

    Try the MS Trackball Optical, I switched to it after my wrist started to get screwed up from Mouse fatigue- it works for me, I had started to get worried. ($40 USD at Office Depot :~<) You can run it USB and a mouse as windows supports two pointing devices (As you know...)
  6. Ross Kolnikov

    Video Problems

    Here is a website with a trial version of Diskeeper: However, I personally am leery of Diskeeper. And I think that perhaps O&O only works with W2K and WinXP (more technically minded can advise ?). I have found Norton to be quite good, just don't expect your rebate to arrive if you buy retail (26 months and counting...) but overall the Norton antivirus and other components are good for me, and haven't screwed up my machine- always a good thing! (my OEM cost of Systemworks 2001 was $30 CDN /= $20 USD)
  7. Ross Kolnikov

    Cable TV with Dsl

    Now this is a funny thread!!:,322...=spam~mode=flat I apologize in advance for cross pollination.
  8. Ross Kolnikov

    Cable TV with Dsl

    It's quite amusing, with cute avatars:
  9. Ross Kolnikov

    Cable TV with Dsl

    Hmmm, this seems unlikely, particularly in the UK where speeds are capped at 500Kbps (for $80/mo). Given that Cable internet hookup generates 5 to 7 Mbps and ADSL allows 1.5 to 2.5 Mbps it is unlikely that you would get good quality video. You could check out dslreports website for info.
  10. Ross Kolnikov

    HDD overheating :(

    If you have an Asus board you can run PC Probe ( good name, eh?) and get your temperature and fan rotations ( if they have a rotation [green ]) wire hooked up. My basic boring system (PIII 1GHz) is running at: CPU 29'C, MoBo 25'C, with Ambient air temperature 20'C in an Antec SX1030. Around these parts the Antec 1030 costs $150 Cdn ($100 US) so it isn't much more expensive than a crap case tm, and it has a good 300W power supply, which I think is about right. Perhaps your power supply isn't cranking out enough juice, but probably that's only part of the problem. My drive has always run very cool, Maxtor DMX Plus 60 7200/40Gb. I actually go to the extent of using the ribbon cables as air scoops so that they direct the air blowing in from the front across the drive, and then up across the CPU and out the back fans. I'll know I've gone too far when I cut up a plastic supermarket bag into a fringe and tape this to the back of the case near the fan outputs- so it sounds like the breeze blowing through palm trees.
  11. Ross Kolnikov

    Video Problems

    Yes, it sounds like the Win98 defrag is detecting something intermittently running (as Occupant says above). I'm not sure that I ever got mine running satisfactorily- I belive many people find it a frustrating experience, (there should be a warning on the CD.) My solution was to find an OEM (cheap) supplier of Norton Systemworks 2001 (just the CD, no box or manual) and use that defrag utility. Others highly recommend the O&O free downloaded defrag program, but I haven't tried it...
  12. Ross Kolnikov

    HDD overheating :(

    Occupant, I'd have to say that it looks like a knockoff of the Antec 1040. I would still go with Antec- and they supply cases in black. Antec 1030 or 1040 with two fans in front and two in back should cool most drives. As to the original (Imibrium) enquiry- what will you do when the hot weather comes?
  13. Ross Kolnikov

    Need to buy new drive tonight.. which one

    Well, you really should sleep on it before you make a decision. My experience is that Maxtor and Fujitsu are reliable. Let us know how it turns out. :~)
  14. My own guess is that most people inadvertently/unconsciously touch their screens, and it's the ballpoint pen tappers that do the damage, although I know of one Toshiba notebook that has been repeatedly tapped on and survived (not a scientific survey).
  15. Mind you, I have observed a number of people tap on their LCD screens (i.e. on notebooks) with ballpoint pens to point out or emphasize items or figures. When I pointed out that this was not a good idea they seemed surprised. This likely is the explanation for the ' Hospital ' situation above. [Congratulations!] Perhaps they should come with a health warning: "Tapping on your LCD screen may cause pixel life to be shortened drastically". Hey- What's wrong with using a clunky old Sony Trinitron? You can tap on it all you want, good colour, long lifespan.....