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  1. The drive is about 6 months old. here is the smart report from magician. The CRC number still increasing !!
  2. Hi, I have SSD Samsung 840 EVO and when I bought this drive I checked the SMART report from HD Tune and found it all ok, now I have a CRC value says "Attention" in HD Tune. I learned that it might be the cable so I cahnged the cable many times, I even changed the power socket but this number keep increasing higher it is not 356 is there any solution to this ? Is it possible that the drive itself is defective ? I am also getting another problem at booting windows from the SSD, the computer sometime stops after displaying the BIOS data then it stops just before displaying "Starting Windows"......please advise
  3. Wel

    My HDD is hot!

    thanks Valleyforge
  4. Wel

    My HDD is hot!

    I mean can this drive work normally at 51c or it is dangerous temperature ?
  5. Wel

    My HDD is hot!

    I placed a fan now and the temp is 37c but I had to place the fan above the hard drive, no other place to mount .
  6. Hi guys I just got my new HDD I decided to try HGST DeskStar 4TB NAS and I found it very quiet but when I am doing surface scan I found the drive become very hot so I run hardware monitor software to see the temperature and found it at 51c I should mention I live in a hot country, my other old drives WD Black and Seagate read 43c and 37c respectively so is my HGST has a problem or it is normal to operate at that temperature with HD tune surface scan ?
  7. Thanks Brian, You mean Seagate NAS or something else ? I read in another post you got many HGST drivers for testing, you found them noisy or has any other issues ? they are on my budget too. Thanks Kevin, No I will have only this drive, the important work files I store backup of them on the cloud, other media files can be downloaded again.
  8. What do you think of HGST Deskstar NAS 3.5-Inch 4TB 7200RPM SATA III 64MB Cache Internal Hard Drive Kit (0S03664) ? it is more faster than Seagate NAS 4 TB that has 5900 RPM but is the HGST is noisy ? I really need to quickly order this for some reasons.
  9. Hi, I am looking for 4 TB drive to store not only media files but also important work files. I dont need this drive to be fast because I have SSD as main drive for OS but the most important factors for me is to have it very reliable and be very quiet. I was gogin to buy Seagate NAS 4TB drive since I read it is reliable then I found it has features for NAS like vibration, power management , etc.. and I dont care about these as I am going to have only this drive with the SSD. BTW: I need this not to be higher than $230 I really got my head spining for reading many reviews so please advise. Thanks
  10. I got a replay from Crucial support saying this is normal !??
  11. I got two warnings in the HD tune tool for my new SSD Crucial M500 http://i.imgur.com/Tyv3D1J.png but in other tools http://i.imgur.com/rRpc9cM.jpg http://i.imgur.com/jIc6Rwh.png http://i.imgur.com/nI2Uaw9.png Is that normal ? Thanks
  12. Many thanks for all the great ideas. My monitor has 33 watt however I am thinking in the future to sell my current UPS and get more capable one.