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  1. Hello, I hooked up my new 3T my book for mac to my MBAir which read the drive well with no problems. However, after I did a full ejections of the few partitions of the drive, and the few partitions then disappeared from the computer screen, and turned off the power, I thought the ejection was complete. But I left the drive still hooked up to the computer , thinking it was powered off. Hours later, my computer screen showed the warning that the drive was not properly ejected and the power was on! What should I do to eject the drive correctly, disconnect the drive from the computer without unhooking it from the computer and removing the ac power plug? I have a different maxtor external hard drive and it is ok once I eject the drive, turn off the ac power switch but leaving it connected to the computer. No further warning that the drive is improperly ejected. Please help and thanks. Gerry.